We all know you can’t believe everything you read on the web… so I expect you’ll want some proof of my worth before you entrust me with your project. Fair enough too! I’d want exactly the same. Here’s some comments from those who have gone before ;)


Bronwyn Clee, Cultural Change Consultant.

I met Jo Starling at a series of Upskills workshops run by the Northern Territory Government in 2010 while in the early days of establishing my consultancy. I immediately resonated with Jo’s fresh and practical facilitating style and seized the opportunity to access the Business Enterprise Centre’s (BEC) funded three free coaching sessions with her.

Jo’s ability to help me focus my thoughts in to a structured process was enhanced by her genuine belief in my own coaching/mentoring work. Her final report with recommendations remains one of my central reference documents, now splattered with tea stains and doodles, the hard copy floats on my desk as a visual reminder from all those years ago. And for a paperless person, that’s a huge statement!

I really appreciated Jo’s use of metaphors particularly around her fishing expertise. So if you are looking for someone to guide you through uncharted waters, and land the catch of lifetime, be prepared to do the work to get the results. Jo has decades of experience and is willing to share the pitfalls and possibilities from her wise perspective.

I endorse Jo Starling for her practical professionalism and highly recommend her services.

~ Bronwyn Clee

Cultural Change Consultant

Bronwyn Clee & Associates




Many thanks again, your mentorship is invaluable at this stage of my business. I wouldn’t know what was going wrong with my website unless I had spent the time with you.

~ Kat Thomson

Top End Short Stays



Dennis Schulz

Dennis Schulz, Editor of the original Territory Q magazine, on assignment.

My association with Jo Starling started in 2005 when she won the contract to design the new Northern Territory Government business and investment magazine Territory Quarterly.

As the magazine’s editor, choosing her submission was the easiest task I’d ever had. It was miles more thoughtful/creative than the others. Then, over the next seven years she went on to build and improve on the design of the magazine, with each edition outshining the last.

Our professional relationship grew as well, both listening and taking the others ideas on board.

“It looks great,” was the usual reader’s first remark. That’s because it did look great with much of the reason for that sitting in Jo’s chair.

As an editor/writer/photographer I can not imagine putting my work in steadier, more inventive hands.

~ Dennis Schulz

Territory Q magazine



Alex Julius with a chunky dorado nabbed on a Squidgy Slick Rig.

Alex Julius with a chunky dorado nabbed on a Squidgy Slick Rig.

Great one-stop shop for new and/or struggling companies. We love working with you because you produce.

~ Alex Julius

NAFA Magazine and Barra, Bass & Bream Digest




Matt Tripet, Activate Manager, professional fly fishing guide and casting instructor at Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa.

I have worked with Jo Starling on a professional level for some time now with high profile fishing events, hosting film and instructing fishing clients. She is without a doubt one of the most complete female anglers I know and is an amazing ambassador for the sport.

Recreational fishing represents a multi-billion dollar industry and is the highest participated sport in the world. Many attempt to pursue vocations in this industry but very few have the special gift like Jo.

As a professional fly fishing guide and casting instructor I appreciate the amount of work Jo puts into ‘Fishingscool.’ Jo has a very special gift connecting with people and her knowledge and teaching ability is a vibrant and refreshing emergence in this industry. Her passion for the sport, people and life is truly inspiring!

I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in learning about fishing in all its forms to contact Jo Starling at Fishingscool.

~ Matt Tripet

Certified Casting Instructor, International Federation of Fly Fishers

G-Loomis Pro Staff

Mako Eyewear Ambassador

Activate Manager

Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa




Jeff Murray with a little treva pinned on his first roll of a Squidgy Mongrel.

Jeff Murray with a little treva pinned on his first roll of a Squidgy Mongrel.

Early in 2012, Gove Tackle World & Outdoors hosted the first “Fishingscool” coaching program for the township of Nhulunbuy.

The coastal community of Nhulunbuy located in East Arnhem Land has a population of approximately 3,500. The township is a heavy industry mining town with a huge amount of community involvement and due to its isolated location misses the basic opportunities expected in mainstream society. With the Fishingscool coaching program coming to town it was an exciting opportunity for our business to help promote and engage junior and new anglers to the sport of fishing.

I have personally been in the fishing industry (and been involved with many coaching schools in Queensland) over the years and I can honestly say that the comprehensive information that was on offer to the participants of the school was nothing short of fulfilling. Jo Starling, being the brain child behind the program, has engaged and coached the next generation of anglers in Nhulunbuy and that has helped grow our business and increased the awareness of all facets of angling within the minds of our young people.

It still amazes me how many of the participants have returned back to my business and quoted some things that Jo stated or showed them during the clinics… and they are always wanting to know more about specific detail as to why things work and pre-empting potential outcomes of what they are doing.

The clinics—comprised of tackle rigging, knot tying, finding fish, types of tackle and how to use it from A to Z—were easy to understand and comprehensive, suiting everyone from the beginner to the seasoned angler. I know that many of my own staff and adult helpers from the Nhulunbuy Regional Sports Fishing Club walked away with a couple of tips and secrets of their own to try out on their next expedition out on the high seas.

I would highly recommend this coaching program for any Community group, Tackle shop, Fishing Club or any group that wants to make a difference. Congratulations to Jo Starling on her efforts and the foresight for the future of fishing.

~ Jeff Murray

Gove Tackleworld and Outdoors



A wonderful way to spend Fathers Day... Fishingscool clinic at the Darwin Boat & Outdoor Show, 2011.

A wonderful way to spend Fathers Day… Fishingscool clinic at the Darwin Boat & Outdoor Show, 2011.

Jo has been a true and active campaigner for women and young people’s participation in fishing and in September 2011 she was a key presenter at the Darwin Boat & Outdoor Show conducting three Fishingscool clinics daily aimed at encouraging women and families into recreational fishing activities.

Jo’s patient and simple methods of presentation combined with her knowledge and creativity won not only the attention, but also the hearts of her audience demonstrating that Fishingscool has the right approach to encouraging participation in fishing, and especially in women and young people by overcoming perceptions that may discourage them, and also by providing them with the simple ‘tools’ to get started.

Jo leads by example to encourage women into fishing activities and also demonstrates through her success how women can forge a career within the fishing industry.

It is for all these reasons that we recruited Fishingscool into the Show. We believe that our event has benefited from Fishingscool’s participation and we will once again be working with Jo on Fishingscool stage presentations at our 2012 event.

~ Gill van Hagen


Darwin Boat & Outdoor Show