CRITERIA 2 | Demonstrated ability to create multiple forms of content for social media and digital platforms and use social media to distribute that content in creative and engaging ways

In responding to this selection criteria, I recognise an unmentioned skill — a nuance that can tilt the outcomes of your social media campaigns dramatically. That is the skill to respond intuitively, creatively and swiftly to shifts in mood, unexpected events and fleeting opportunities... to pivot on a ten cent bit. Not in principles or ethics or core values, but in context.

It’s my experience that creative rigidity around visual branding on social media can limit engagement and our opportunity to be authentic — not in all things, but certainly in some. Developing a set of guidelines for corporate campaign collateral is imperative, but I believe it can be bolstered with a secondary set of minimum mandates for content that needs to speak directly in a more emotive sense. Such minimum mandates might simply be language style and tone, coupled with some colour guidelines for creative inclusion.

Such considerations in OzFish Unlimited’s content style guide will allow timely creative responses to incidental opportunities that arise in social discussions, enhancing relevance and engagement in a shareable way.

In the following dropdowns, you’ll find a few examples of how flexibility allowed the National Recreational Fishing Survey to pivot as needed. Through a traditional media lens, these creative executions might look off-brand... the social media audience, however, really doesn’t care about brand as much as the brand owner does. They care about engaging, on-point content.

They want to be shown how our story relates to their world view, at any given time.

We need to make that a “social imperative”.


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National Recreational Fishing Survey : ABARES

CTA for National Recreational Fishing Survey 2020. This was a world-first campaign, experimenting with utilising social media to recruit survey participants. We smashed it!

State Of Fishing Origin : Fishotopia

CoVid scuttled so many events last year... including our inaugural FSO :( Fear not... it will happen!

SLO Explainer Graphic : NRFS

Social Media is a double-edged sword for our social licence. Recent gantry photos whipped up a frenzy of attacks on recreational fishing and demonstrated the power of public opinion. This graphic was developed to help explain the fragility and importancce of social licence.

Facebook CTA : Fishotopia

Relevance and movement are key ingredients to the social media burley trail. We have mere nano-seconds to cut through the blur of our target’s social feed & stop them scrolling. That doesn’t necessarily mean complex creative.

We Stand With You : NRFS

This graphic headed up a social media discussion about the power of accurate data about fisher activity and attitudes when it comes to defending our right to fish. It empathised with the core barrier to participation in the survey, then promoted the role of the NRFS data in bolstering future access .

I have been a social media marketing creative since 2009, when Facebook was a new player in the Australian media landscape. In the tabs below, you’ll find creative examples from software & apps I currently use to create engaging content for my own projects & my clients...
Adobe Spark Video

Building trust and relationships with recreational fishers was integral to the success I achieved for the National Recreational Fishing Survey, through a four month long social and traditional media and website campaign, utilising Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, radio interviews, web and magazine advertisements. This is an example of a video created with the Adobe Spark Video app, using my own iPhone photo and video library.


Off the back of our success with the National Recreational Fishing Survey social media campaign, the University of Canberra contracted me to assist with the recruitment of survey participants for the Regional Wellbeing Survey. This is one of the pieces.


Competitions are an easy way to gain social momentum. In this video, I’ve leveraged the fact that a competition winner had only provided a first name to raise awareness of the National Recreational Fishing Survey. This fun video was created on my phone, using Ripl.

Adobe Illustrator

When infographics or diagrams required, I use design industry standard software  Illustrator, from Adobe Creative Suite. With this software, I can create virtually anything, from realism to naive graphics... and every style in-between. For more evidence, check out my illustration portfolio.

Adobe Photoshop

Need evocative imagery? Look no further. I use design industry standard software  Photoshop, from Adobe Creative Suite. With this software, I can create virtually anything, including animations and composite images such as this one, which is a feature image for one of my Inner Circle campaigns (Fishotopia).

Adobe Premiere Pro

Fully scripted, edited... even voiced! My home office boasts a full edit suite, through which I combine my decades of creative industry experience — behind the scenes and in front of the camera — to provide a one-stop-shop. This piece was written, spoken, edited and, at times, even filmed by me!

... is that all?
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I've managed accounts and campaigns through Hootsuite in the past, and am currently looking into Later.

I have over a decade of experience working with Facebook Pages, growing through Ads Manager to the current version of Business Manager, which allows clients to manage paid content across linked Facebook and Instagram accounts.

gratuitous inclusion of one
of my paintings, celebrating symbiosis, habitat and fishing

Acrylic on canvas
Jo Starling