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I’ve worked in the creative industry for far too long to articulate, starting in publishing and television in the early 1990s. My career has taken me through illustration, graphic design, print shops, web development, advertising and copywriting, through to the inevitable digital landscape that dominates our media and marketing today.

This broad spectrum experience spanning over three decades has given me a diverse tackle box of applicable knowledge and skills that is matched by very few in the industry. Today, if I’m not working in the field (translation: fishing) with my husband and personal hero—fishing personality and communicator, Steve Starling—I work as a creative consultant, communications strategist, writer and designer, focusing on helping business people find the best path to their goals through marketing, advertising, promotion and creative strategy.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my recent clients…

 A little about me…

For the three decades (OMG!!!), I’ve worked with businesses and personalities, helping them to promote themselves in one form or another, whether through graphic design, advertising, promotions or marketing. I’ve owned a fishing rod for just as long, but it’s really only been in this new century that it hasn’t been allowed to gather dust.

My transition from casual fisho to rabidly addicted angler followed just a couple of years behind my deviation from the glossy, glamorous and pointy end of promotions and advertising, to the more strategic endeavours of marketing.

At first, I saw no connection between these two seemingly disparate passions. But as I relinquished my spirit to the grip of fishing addiction and started “just going with the flow”, a new paradigm spawned. The more I listened intently and mulled over the lessons that came my way, the more I realised that I’d heard the stories before, just in different vernacular. I was being taught principles I used day in, day out—they just looked different without the corporate suit.

Truth is, Fishing = Marketing.

And marketing is one hell of a lot more fun when you realise… IT’S FISHING!

Once I discovered this liberating secret and truly embraced the concept, both my marketing work and my fishing endeavours became measurably more successful. Joining the game in one arena brought lessons and clarity that could be applied in the other, and vice versa. They feed one another in ways I could not have imagined.

I hope that many more fishing-addicted business folk will improve their own marketing by joining me in this paradigm shift… and who knows? Perhaps their fishing will improve as well. Let’s hope my ideas and resources help you target and reel in that big fish—be it the customer or the scaly kind ;)


I know how you feel. That’s why I love WordPress… I can manage it all myself! That means I don’t have to pay big bucks to someone else to manage my site. No time spent transferring knowledge and ideas from my head to theirs. No time lost waiting for my turn. I just do it when it suits me!

If you think this sounds like a better way to start your journey on the web, consider letting me build your website in WordPress and the TRAINING YOU to run it… imagine the freedom!


Awards Summary

Finalist, Darwin Business Awards
Winner, NT Telstra Businesswomens Westpac Business Owner of the Year
High Commendation, Australian Catalogue Awards Fashion Category
Winner, NT Telstra Business Awards Aust. Govt. Micro-Business of the Year
High Commendation, Australian Catalogue Awards Design Category
High Commendation, Australian Catalogue Awards Copywriting Category
High Commendation, Australian Catalogue Awards Real Estate Category
High Commendation, Australian Catalogue Awards Direct Category
Winner, NT Small Business Champions Business Services category
Winner, NT Small Business Champions Business Services category
Winner, NT Small Business Champions Champion Entrepreneur
Finalist, NT Management Excellence Awards – Owner Operator category
Winner, NT Small Business Champions Business Services category


TAADEL301C   Certified to provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills.

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Running my creative business alongside our family fishing business means I’m not the right creative for every job. You, however, could be one of the lucky ones!

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