“Thinking about a website” is one of the most important cogs in the website design machine. So if this is where you are right now—either “thinking about a website”, or contemplating the one you have and whether it needs an upgrade—read on. This is for you!

This whole “Recruit Your Website” premise is an epiphany. I can’t remember whether those three words grew out of my own philosophical brain or whether they were planted there by one of the many internet gurus I spend time with—either in person or online. Where it came from, however, is beside the point. The point is a perspective shift on the way we approach the planning stage of our websites.

For those of us entrenched in “all the double-u’s”, it’s difficult to understand why many businesses still choose not to have a website. However, the knowledge of the web imperative is growing. In my agency we’ve noted a shift in the number of smaller businesses and previously disinterested industries starting their journey into cyber space. Following the wise words of Stephen Covey, I believe strongly in “beginning with the end in mind”. This is where the concept of Recruiting Your Website comes from.

You can harness the power and capabilities of the internet to build a website that is so much more than a glorified brochure. You just need to dream a little.

Think about what your wish list is. Seriously… go crazy. Consider roles within the organisation that could be made more efficient or effective. Examples might be an online booking system, a sales rep, a tutor, a price calculator, a colour matcher. You know your game. Recruit your website as if you were recruiting the assistants you need to make your business truly hum, to free you up to work more effectively and to provide your customers with the service they long for. Now THAT is a website that will work for you. And it’s entirely possible.

Sure, it’s going to cost more than the brochure site you were contemplating, but if you consider the HR, marketing and downtime costs you will save if done properly, your money will be back in your pocket in no time.

So brief it out and watch your business change!

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