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This collection is drawn from a variety of sale events across 18 months, to demonstrate the various angles used to stay edgy and interesting.


Compleat Angler Melbourne said...

“Great result in the end, Jo. Best combined sale so far. Thanks for all the help. Can only imagine the result we may have had without that heatwave on day one!”

On-going Sales Promotions on Social Media

Project Description

Compleat Angler Melbourne and Geelong are two stores, in a buying group of six, within the Compleat Angler tackle chain. Both are owned by the one franchisee, who wanted to explore the potential to lower marketing and promotion costs through strategic use of social media.


In the beginning, Facebook was the only platform used, but Instagram accounts had been established by the second sale that involved me. I am engaged to spread the word that my client stores are having a sale, but only within the guidelines set by the buying group that my client is a member of. These guidelines include such things as “no loss leaders or gimmicks outside of the agreed catalogue discounts, unless approved in advance by the collective; and that promotion of the sale can only begin on the Monday prior to the sale start date (which is usually a Thursday). These two conditions alone are enough to make this project a real challenge!

To balance these restrictions, my wonderful client gives me (almost) complete creative freedom. I say “almost” because we are a team, so I bounce any idea that I think may be borderline for his audience off him and, of course, he has the right of veto. And “yes”, he has vetoed me before. That’s ok… this is HIS audience I am communicating with. I expect him to be protective ;)

To date, I’m pleased to say that we’ve never blown budget and that our sales have not slumped. Indeed, some of our sales have exceeded expectations! Followers continue to grow with each sale event, and so our performance improves exponentially. 

“I want to cut down on our promotional spend and build our social media reach. Ideally, I’d love to cut out printed catalogues altogether.”

My brief is to:

  1. Conceptualise an advertising campaign and strategy that is sympathetic to the buying group’s sale;
  2. generate required creative content;
  3. stimulate traffic to the various social media platforms in the lead-up to the sales;
  4. monitor social pages during sale and respond to activity; and
  5. manage advertising spend. 

Project Details

Client Compleat Angler, Melbourne & Geelong Stores
Date Since June 2016
Skills Advertising, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing.

“I want to cut down on our promotional spend and build our social media reach. Ideally, I’d love to cut out printed catalogues altogether.”

Chris Baty, Owner.

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