Let’s face it… get your logo wrong and you’re only going to have to pay to have it redesigned later, once you realise your mistake. Get it right and it becomes the hieroglyphic representation of your business… easily recognised at a glance.


Logos are imbued with subliminal suggestions about your business. They let people know if you’re professional at what you do, whether you take it seriously, that you are corporate, retail, adventure, trade, etc. Getting your logo designed isn’t really something to take lightly.

So how do you get it right? Well—regardless of who you use to design your logo—your results will come down to the quality of your brief. The design industry has it’s own little saying… “crap in, crap out”. This basically means that if you give a dodgy brief, you’ll get equivalent results.

The more information you can give to your designer, the closer they will get to the mark when they present their concepts. The sort of information you need to provide is a description of your business and its activities, who your target market is, what your objectives are, any mandatory specifications that they need to consider (colour choices, fonts, etc.), what sets your business apart from your competitors or makes you unique and any hints about the “personality” of your business and your marketing.


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